A 90 minute workout in only 20 minutes?
That’s Njoku Strong - Fitness Faster
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Ascend Fitness & Spa is proud to be the exclusive home of Njoku Strong.
Exclusively offered at Ascend Fitness and Spa located at the iconic Key Tower, we’re pioneering the health and fitness industry, combining EMS technology with fundamental exercises for outstanding, time-efficient results.
Available through EMS certified trainer-led classes, one-on-one options, home appointments, and even as an addition to spa treatments, we are confident you will love the opportunity to add EMS to your routine!
What is it?

EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation enhances natural muscle contractions with electrical impulses. Using our FDA-approved and patented EMS biodevice, certified trainers combine traditional exercises with EMS technology to enhance the effectiveness of your workouts, leading to faster and more noticeable results.

Amplify your workout and enhance your health and wellness
  • Unlock your true potential: For better fat burning, muscle building, and explosive energy.
  • Power-Packed Performance: EMS contractions are 30% more potent than regular contractions.
  • Safety First: Enhanced muscle recruitment, minus the strain on joints and tendons.
"In just 6 months of training with the Njoku Strong EMS Fitness program, I lost 38 pounds"
"Reaching my goal of 22% body fat was so easy with Njoku Strong EMS Fitness"
"I crossed the finish line on my first marathon with help from Njoku Strong"
Suit Up and Get NjokuStrong
The Njoku Strong suit boasts several high tech fitness features.
Full body type design, perfect fit to muscle groups and precise stimulation
Unique design which covers 90% of your body’s musculature
Fast-Twitch Muscle Activation: Run faster, jump higher, burn fat, and build muscle like never before.
Efficiency and Power: Compared to regular contractions, EMS contractions are 30% more intense.
Safety First: Faster muscle recruitment and contractions without impacting your joints and tendons.


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What are the benefits

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How does it work?

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